inching toward spring

Toward the end of February, we had some uncharacteristically warm days, and it looked like it might be an early spring. Crocuses began to work their way out of the soil, heading for the sun.

But this is upstate New York, remember, and there is no such thing as a spring that begins in February. So, of course, mother nature decided to dump a foot of snow on us later in the month. I was too demoralized to take a picture of the snow on nits own, but I did a model shot of my new sweater in the cold snowy backyard.

My sweater was the only thing that wasn’t white, gray, or deadly pale.

Since this weekend, though, we’ve had a stretch of sunny, warm weather. High temperatures in the 50s melted away all but the most stubborn patches of snow. And the crocuses are blooming.

These tiny blossoms give me so much joy this year. I wish I’d planted millions of them so the entire flower bed would be bursting with blooms. Must remember this for fall planting time.

Other signs of spring include the buds on the laburnum tree starting to swell.

The moss along the bramble hedge is greening up nicely, too.

The pine cones on our tree have warmed up and opened up.

And last, but not least, are the stalwart strawberries. I’m always amazed at how they stay green and healthy looking, even while covered with snow. These have made an escape from the layer of straw mulch I put over them in the fall.


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