The late July garden

Sunflowers, randomly seeded in the garden, courtesy of the birds.


Texas bluebonnets . . . in July??


The clematis seedheads remind me of something out of Dr. Seuss.

Clematis seedhead

Angel’s trumpet is a reliable summer performer. Daily shows of massive white blooms. Wonderful.

angel's trumpet

This is the first year I’ve grown tomatillos. What a bizarre looking vegetable. I love tomatillo salsa, so I hope these grow beautifully.


So far, the leeks look to be the season’s winning plant. They’re growing and growing, without a pest or a blight to be seen.


The carrots look good too–though I accidentally uprooted one, and they’re still teeny-tiny.


But so far, the biggest producer in the garden this year are the beans. We have yellow wax beans and green beans and some kind of strange purple bean. Lots of beans. Every. Single. Day.


But they make a nice leafy corner to the garden, don’t they?

bean corner

Bastards. Japanese beetle bastards. They love beans, but oh-my-goodness they REALLY love grapes. Wretched creatures.



One Response to “The late July garden”

  1. Beautiful! I have hopes for my garden next year.

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