mid-July garden

We’ve had such a wet and cool summer that the garden is slow to take off.

The first baby tomato. Let’s hope it’s the first of many.
baby tomato

The sugar pod peas have performed fairly well, though we’ve lost a few vines to the wet weather.
sugar pod peas

The shell peas are doing well, too. This variety (whose name escapes me at the moment) is very short. However, the pea harvest is happening all at once.
shell peas

This is yesterday’s harvest of the shell peas.
shell pea harvest

As you can see, the garden is looking rather sparse this year. The weeks of chilly, wet weather has kept everything growing very slowly. We’re not going to have the bountiful harvest this year that I had hoped.
sad garden this year

But here is something new for me: red currant jelly. We planted a red currant bush this year, and the small first-year harvest of berries turned into a quarter-cup of delicious jam. I’m looking forward to future harvests of currants!
red currant jelly


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