plans for spring

Up and out early this morning to do some garden cleanup and a little forward thinking. I cleared out a few of the ailing annuals and deadheaded the gazanias, scabiosas, and echinaceas. And, I planned a little ahead by planting a few bulbs. Eighty-eight bulbs. It seemed like I’d bought so many at the garden center, but it looked rather pitiful once I got it into the garden. Oh well. No matter what it will look better than what we had last spring!

Lots of daffodils near the peony and coreopsis

Pink narcissi near the evening primroses, lupines, and echinops

Specie crocuses and red Double Emblazon tulips in the corner of the annual bed

Specie croscuses, Angelique tulips, grape hyacinths, and two giant alliums in the annual bed

Now, just five cold and dark months to go before we see this beauties. In the meantime, this weekend is Indian summer, so we’ll enjoy this last burst of warm weather and sunshine for as long as it lasts. See you in the garden!


One Response to “plans for spring”

  1. If this is what your garden looks like in October, come spring it’s going to look simply spectacular! (In other words, it looks really beautiful right now!)

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