fall is here

The pumpkins are harvested.

The leaves are changing.

And now I’m knitting more than gardening.

I’ve cleaned out half of the garden, clearing out what was left of the green beans, the soybeans, the pumpkins, and the zucchini. We have a few cherry tomatoes left to ripen, but soon the tomato jungle will be history.

Upcoming plans: Next year’s garden will be bigger–I plan to double the size, and my husband will build a proper fence for it (with a real gate, as opposed to a wire mesh gate). Also, I’ll plant more sugar snap peas and tomatoes, but I’ll give them enough space this time!

Still to work out: how to keep the deer out of the garden. They demolished many of the tomato plants and ate all the leaves off the grapevine and most of the leaves off the hop vines. I want to plant more raspberries, but they’ll be in a prime spot for deer munching. I’ll have to mull this one over during the winter months…


One Response to “fall is here”

  1. TragicSandwich Says:

    I don’t miss winter (and frankly it’s pretty easy to visit winter here), but I do miss fall!

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