mid-August garden

We’re having fall-like weather, with crisp mornings and warm afternoons. Back in my Texas days, I would have been utterly thrilled to have a crisp morning in August (when, rumor has it, it’s so hot you could fry an egg on the pavement). Here, however, crisp fall days are followed by months and months of winter. I can wait for fall. Really I can.

But the garden is still producing. The tomato plants are going nuts, producing pounds and pounds of baby tomatoes, though I wonder how many will ever ripen with this cool weather.

Sweet 100s. Sweet millions, more like it.

The peas and beans are done (I foolishly planted them all at once, so they ended all at once). The soybeans are nearly ready, as the pods are fattening up. We love soybeans around here…

But the stars of the garden this year are the pumpkins. Remember the pumpkin flower with the delicate baby bump? Look at her now!

Looks like she swallowed a basketball. Then again, so did I when I was expecting…

We now have three big pumpkins growing, with a fourth one that I just pollinated today. I hope there’s enough warm weather left to get these babies to ripen!

We also have quite a number of jack-be-little gourds growing. I have always loved these, and now that I know how easy they are to grow, I’ll grow them every year.

The one in the back was pollinated just yesterday by my eldest son, the undergardener.

But there is more of interest than just vegetables. Lots of textures developing, like the spiky centers of purple coneflowers and the spiky seed pods of the angel’s trumpet.

Bees like to crawl around on this pincushion. Ouch!

Spikes protect these seeds until they’re ready to leave the mother plant.

We’re also going to get a second blooming on our David Austin “Wise Portia” rose. The first blooming was cut short, because I bought it in full bloom and the shock of transplanting it made the poor thing drop its blossoms too soon. Glad to see that it’s recovered. These blooms are magnificent–peony-like and very fragrant. Nice name, too.

A few more blooms to come.


2 Responses to “mid-August garden”

  1. Anthony Says:

    The picture with a spiked ball. What is that plants name. My friend has a plant that looks like a normal plant with big leaves, but has a spiked ball coming out of the middle. It looks almost like this one. Can you please let me know. Is it a plant or weed? Thank you.

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