taking shape

Slowly but surely, the garden is beginning to take shape. After several weekends of hard labor, the flower bed near the driveway is mostly planted. This area was a real challenge, because until last year, it was home to some seriously overgrown shrubs. The shrubs nearly filled the planting area with roots—in fact, the roots were so thick that they began pushing the stone wall toward the driveway. The shrubs were cut down last fall, but the stumps haven’t begun to rot out yet. Lots of work digging out as much as we could get out, and working around what we couldn’t.

Eventually, we plan to have this wall rebuilt, so I decided to plant annuals in this bed, so that we won’t disturb the plantings when it comes time for the rebuilding. This gives me the opportunity to get some instant color in the garden.

I did plant a clematis along the trellis that my husband made. My hope is that one day the clematis grows tall enough to meet the clematis coming from the other side of our entryway. Won’t that be beautiful…one day?

As for the garden out back, there is much progress. Remember the mountain of firewood? It has been magically transformed by my hard-working husband into an oasis of peace and tranquillity.

Not only do we now have a lovely, woodsy privacy fence between us and the neighbors, as well as a little wall to enclose the hot tub, but we can use it to keep warm this winter!

The beans have finally emerged from the cool earth:

The rhododendron is in full bloom:

But all is not well in the garden chez nous. We’ve had some nocturnal visitors to our garden. Here are our roses. What’s wrong with this picture, you may ask. Take a look, a good look.

Notice that there aren’t any flower buds. If you look carefully, you can see that they’ve all been nipped off. Hmmm, a tasty midnight snack for a deer or two, I suppose.


One Response to “taking shape”

  1. Hi, Tracy! Amit passed on the link to your blog, and I had to check it out. Looks like things are coming along nicely. I’m impressed by your mountain o’ firewood.

    I’m including the link to my Flickr site documenting our house reno and garden projects–take a look if you have a minute.

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