Chilly day in May

Sometimes I think I’ve lost touch with my Texas roots. I was reading Crazy Aunt Purl’s blog the other day, and when she mentioned that it was going to be 101 degrees that day, my jaw dropped. How could it be that hot in May?? (Clearly, I’ve forgotten about life in a hot climate.)

Here, it’s still chilly in the mornings—heck, sometimes it’s even chilly the whole day long. Today it barely got above 55 degrees, and when it’s drizzling and the sun was hidden beneath the clouds (which it was most of the day), you need at least three thin layers of clothing to keep the shivers at bay.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I lived in Texas, and I used to say that “b*tch season” began on May 1st, because by then it was so hot that I turned into a grumpy beast and would stay that way until well into October.

Thank goodness I moved north. I’m much more pleasant to be around.

Anyway, today I inspected the garden. Aidan’s pumpkin plant (which he planted in a pot at kindergarten and we transplanted to our garden last week) has sprouted a new leaf.

Hurrah, it’s going to live! (You just never know…). The strawberries that we brought from Boston are thriving and bearing healthy green berries at the moment.

The “rainbow tomatoes” that Douglas and I planted last week are all growing well.

And the four roses left behind by old Mr T who lived in this house for nearly 30 years are getting ready to bloom.

Time to plant more.

In the chilly drizzle this morning, the boys and I set out for the garden. Aidan wasn’t too keen at first—he’s just learned the joys of bike riding without training wheels, so he’d rather cruise up and down the driveway (and occasionally across the lawn) than fiddle about with plants. So Douglas and I started planting. I have to say, there’s something that just brings a tear to my eye about gardening with little kids. They take so much joy in such little things—putting a few seeds in the ground today was a thrilling activity for my little one. I hope he keeps that thrill (I know I have).

So, on our bamboo teepee, we planted pole beans (Kentucky wonders), peas (Mr. Big), sugar pod peas (Oregon sugar pod II), Pumpkins (Jack Be Little). Elsewhere in the vegetable garden, we planted a mesclun mix of lettuces, Early Wonder beets, and Hungarian breadseed poppies. Now, let’s just see what happens next!

I also got busy doing a little weeding along the driveway (oh, how those weeds seem to get a jumpstart on the season!), and I straightened a few of the stones on our precarious side steps. They really need a mason’s touch because of years of frost heaving and overactive shrub roots, but until that happens, I thought I might make life a little nicer for the mailman (who has to traverse these treacherous steps daily) by resetting a few stones in soil to be a little more level. It’s not a permanent fix, but it’s better than it was.

Tim continues to stack firewood, which looks to be his avocation for the next few weeks.

We had a massive amount of firewood delivered (a veritable mountain in the backyard), which Tim will be reworking into a stunning privacy fence between us and the neighbors, as well as a woodsy hot-tub surround.

More to come…


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