The front garden in place

After months (and months and months) of planning and dreaming and sketching and dreaming some more, the front garden is finally planted. Before:



This is the result of hours (days?) of planning, hours and hours of digging (and pulling up old shrub roots from the behemoths that were there last year; see my previous post about them), and a massive outlay of cash.

I’m having my paychecks direct-deposited to Baker’s Acres. It’s just simpler that way. Let’s just say I spent enough there this weekend for them to give me a “free” t-shirt.

Every time I plan a new garden (and this is garden #3 for me), I realize all over again how much gardening is an act of faith. I look at the end result of all my efforts—a few piddly little plants in front of the house, and a big part of me thinks,

“I did all that work for THIS???” How many hours this winter did I spend pouring over gardening books and sketching out ideas? How many hours did I spend working out my own garden design software because I couldn’t find anything I liked? How many backbreaking hours did I spend ripping out shrub roots and digging up rocks and digging in compost? And just how many dollars did I spend on these teeny tiny plants? And THIS is what I have to show for it???”

But I remembered the old saying, “The first year they sleep, the second year they creep, the third year they leap.” I’ve seen in my previous gardens how little progress the perennials seem to make until all of a sudden, the garden is crowded with blooms.

I just have to have faith that the spring and summer of 2010 are going to be pretty spectacular.


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