Front garden in the back garden

Gardening season begins in earnest. I took a trip to Baker’s Acres yesterday and did my part to stimulate the economy. I bought:

1 clematis ‘Niobe’

6 moonbeam coreopsis (or would that be coreopses?)

6 echinacea purpurea

3 echinops

3 digitalis

3 blue geraniums

3 Monarda didyma

6 Oenothera speciosa (my all-time favorite flowers!)

1 Sarah Bernhardt peony

3 Phlox paniculata ‘Nicki’

6 Phlox subulata ‘Millstream Daphne’

1 Rosa rugoa

3 Rudbeckia

What fun! I fill two garden carts full of plants and bought so many plants that the frequent buyer card I bought actually paid for itself in my first purchase

But of course, I did get the cart before the horse. The front garden still needs digging, mostly pulling out as many of the roots from the hideous shrubs that were there before. Then I need to add lots and lots of compost, and then (and only then) can I get the plants in the ground. So, in the meantime, the front garden will be hanging out in the back garden for a little while…


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  1. Nice list! K

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