The Gamble Garden

While on a business trip to Palo Alto, California, I had a few moments to myself (a very few!), so I made a visit to the Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden. What a lovely place! I must have picked the perfect day for a visit, because it was sunny, everything was in bloom, and they were even having an open house and plant sale! (Although I couldn’t buy any plants, as I was on my way to the airport for a cross-country journey back to NY).

How lovely to see spring so much further ahead than it is here. A few gorgeous pics:

View from Waverley Avenue

stunning calla lily

Delphiniums. I love delphiniums!

I love the way the flecks of orange in the irises pick up the orange of the poppies.

Formal garden with palm tree

The wisteria garden was in full bloom.

A whimsical bunny to please the children (or the child in all of us).

Lest we get too enthralled by the sheer perfection of this garden, a little munching creature brought it all back to earth

What a lovely place to stop on my way to the airport. Lots of fresh air, beautiful flowers, and warm sun before hours spent like a sardine on a plane.


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