Back garden, before

The back garden starts off as more of a blank canvas than the front. As you can see, it’s basically a square of turf (not great turf, at that), with a few random scrubby plants along the periphery.


Next to the shed is a young maple tree, and our next-door neighbors have a mature maple that overhangs the garden, providing shade on the north side of the space. In the center of the yard is an abandoned rose garden.


Hmmm. A few scrubby old rose plants. Plunked into the middle of the garden. Lovely, right? Well, the soil in this little rectangle is actually in good shape, so I’m using it as my temporary strawberry bed. I brought about a dozen strawberry plants with us from our old garden in suburban Boston, so I planted them here so they’d have a good home for the winter. But this will all change once I have my Great Gardening Master Plan in place…


2 Responses to “Back garden, before”

  1. Looking forward to watching the garden get going!

  2. good luck with your new gardening blog. we’ve been working on our old house/neglected yard for five years and it’s finally starting to look like normal people live here (except for the porch railings . . .).
    i like the theme you picked . . the green looks yummy this time of year!

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