The front garden, before

When we bought our house last fall, it was in danger of being swallowed by shrubbery.front-garden-before.jpg

To save the house from the menacing vegetation, we (meaning my husband) cut them down to make room for a more inviting front garden. Just as in home renovations, however, it gets worse before it gets better. I wonder what the neighbors thought when they saw this?


We were going to wait until spring to do this, but we needed to get the house insulated before winter (a house in upstate NY with no insulation?? Brrr!!). The insulation guys wanted us to trim back the shrubbery to allow access to the walls, so my husband decided it was time to just take it all out.

But now it’s a little bare until we get going in the spring. Now I have a blank canvas and am ready to start making plans!


One Response to “The front garden, before”

  1. […] of digging (and pulling up old shrub roots from the behemoths that were there last year; see my previous post about them), and a massive outlay of […]

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